How to Draw a Shelby Cobra Car – With a Falcon Fountain Pen

Hello my friends and welcometo another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto andtoday we will draw a car, a Shelby Cobra.

But first there is something I want to explain you: Perspective wise, a car of course has a boxy shape.

This is something to keep in mindalthough for the car I'm actuallynot going to draw this.

However,I do visualise this perspective as I´m drawing.

Let´s begin sketching a headlightover here, with an oval and because of the perspective, the other onewill be about here.

Or actually higherabout here [laughter].

I didn´t start very well this one! But it will be all right.

The position lights, the little fendersand the big air intake.

We suggest the windshieldon the upper part… and down here the wheel.

And actually this fender should be a littlehigher.

I'm seeing that the air intake shouldbe a little bit more tilted, and smaller.

I will do this a little bit more carefully.

Of course since I am drawing witha fountain pen, I cannot erase but it will be ok.

The front area is going to end upbeing pretty dark anyways.

We complete the windshield,and mark where the door goes.

Good! And now the actual tire.

The front ones are turning.

Here the thickness of it… there.

And the lower part of the body.

The wheel will be about here.

Good! And the other one here… And the back one.

Alright! The windshield and the steering wheel, and the back tire.

Like so.

And they are pretty thick.

I really love the Shelby Cobra.

It´s pure muscle! [laughter].

The space between the fender and the tireof course, is very dark.

I like doing the headlights withshort vertical strokes.

The list of the materials is in thedescription under the video.

Let´s correct the other front tirewhich should be a little bit forward …like this.

For this tutorial, I´m usingthe Pilot Falcon fountain pen, which is a pen I love for drawingbecause it has a flexible nib.

It is pressure sensitive so you cando both, very thin lines, and thicker lines if you press more.

The back tire and wheel whichof course are a series ovals, that have an axis that it is perpendicular to the drive shaft [axle shaft].

Since the front one is turning,the oval is a little bit wider.

The tire of course is black and wecan do it with a very tight hatching and crosshatching.

The big nut that holds the tire,which by the way I think originally it came with a big copper hammeror something like that to… [Laughter] to take the wheel off by hammeringthe nut.

We keep darkening by addingand crossing more lines.

And underneath the car we do the cast shadow.

Which by drawing it, immediately makesthe whole thing look better, don´t you think? And we can add some reflectionsto make it more real, lively and fun.

And some other reflections down here,curving down.

Alright, we are nearly there! We just need to fine tune somedetails, give it some last touches.

And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE!share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips.

And I will see youon Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo.

Source: Youtube