Read These Car Repair Tips To Keep Your Engine Going

A good driver is the one who knows every little detail of the car he drives and at the same time also has the knowledge of the car mechanics.  In case of any break down of the vehicle he should know how to set things right so that the car could be made mobile or at least be in the position to reach the workshop.  So also a good driver knows how to get the most mileage from his car by the way he handles it. Whatever be the make or the model of the car there are ways to get maximum from the petrol and could really benefit and add to the saving.

There are several ways to get the target and all together contribute to the greater average of fuel in terms of mileage covered.  Let us discuss some of them and make you aware that you too can achieve this.  The first one is to reduce the speed to the optimum needed.  The tachometer shows the economy fuel range. If one sticks to this, the speed is maintained and so the engine runs at the same speed without acceleration or unnecessary cutting down the speeds by applying brakes, the maximum fuel average could be obtained. The so called economy zone is the 50-70 km/hr range.

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The next in line is the constant changing of gears.  If you carefully have a look at the road that you are treading, and accordingly keep the engine move, you can control a lot on the changing of gears gently to keep to the required speed.  Any kind of aggressive driving is not a good habit. This sucks the petrol to about 20% higher than the regular consumption.

It is always to have the drive in the highest gear whenever possible and the roads are clear.  The car engines are designed in such a manner.  To start with the lower gears and then adjust to the higher gears.  This again could be possible on the outskirts of the town, within city limits; this kind of tip may not be helpful.  Anyway, you could keep in mind and try to switch between the higher gears whenever it is permitted.

The latest gadgets that are fitted in the cars such as the Air conditioners, also consume a lot of energy.  This is again an added load on the fuel economy.  It could be used only when it is absolutely needed.  Always try to switch off the air conditioner when the atmosphere is cold enough or at times when you are driving in early morning hours.  Whenever the car is stationary, try to open the windows. Allow fresh flow of air and thus getting a little more from the petrol mileage.

The most common error that one makes when driving cars within the city and incurring a low mileage is the fact that at signals, we do not turn off the engine.  The car is still idling and the petrol is being used by the engine.  We should cautiously turn off the engine and restart it only when it is our turn to get moving.  This is a most important tip which we all should follow when driving.

Each car has been designed to carry specific weight.  But if one tries to load it to the maximum and sometimes overload the car, there is a drastic effect on the mileage.  Unknowingly, about 2% rise of consumption is the resultant for every 50 kgs of extra weight in the car.  So it is advisable to empty the contents from the car which are not necessary to go along with the car.  Thus you will save on the petrol consumptions.

Even if the answer isn’t yes right now, you have probably experienced car trouble in the past. You might also feel immobilized occasionally over choosing the right course of action. How do you know? Keep
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